Media and events

Kit has spoken to thousands around the world as a science communicator and is able to adapt his talks for all audiences, from students to the general public at science festivals. Whether you want a delightfully geeky speaker on poisons in your garden or someone to get your classroom throwing marshmallows to explain particle acceleration, Kit is here to help.

Our highlight of the day: an unorthodox, but very entertaining way of explaining chemistry!

Zahra Abbas and Sarina Sanghera, Northwood College for Girls

Kit has also appeared on TV, radio and podcasts around the world to talk about science. He has been a guest on the BBC, Sky and local radio stations. Kit can also write for and present across all media.

To book Kit for an interview or event please get in touch.

Upcoming events

5 August – Imperial College London, UK
26 August – American Chemical Society Fall Meeting, San Diego, US
28 August – The Last Bookstore, Los Angeles, US
9 September – University of California, Berkeley, US
10 September – Book Passage, San Francisco, US
13 September – Florida State University, Tallahassee, US
17 September – North Carolina State University, Raleigh, US
23 September – One More Page Books, Arlington, US
25 September – Union Ave Books, Knoxville, US
27 September – Iowa State University, Ames, US
30 September – Third Place Books Ravenna, Seattle, US
3 October – University of Alberta, Canada
3 October – Calgary Public Library, Canada
4 October – University of Calgary, Canada
9 October – Michigan State University, US
11 October – National Research Council, Ottawa, Canada
15 October (lunch) – Bromley High School, UK
15 October (evening) – University College London, UK
30 October – Lab Innovations, Birmingham, UK

Recent interviews and podcasts

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The Naked Scientists: Do candles clear nasty smells?, BBC Radio 5 Live
The Naked Scientists: Questions and answers, BBC Radio 5 Live
The Naked Scientists, BBC Radio 5 Live
Dr Karl’s Shirtloads of Science, University of Sydney, Australia
Polyethylene glycol, Chemistry World, Royal Society of Chemistry
Oganesson, Chemistry World, Royal Society of Chemistry

Photos courtesy of Steve Cross